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Gallipoli Kabatepe Museum

The Kabatepe Museum (or Gallipoli War Museum) is located in the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park. It commemorates the Gallipoli Campaign, now considered a defining moment in the modern history of Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.

The museum (Kabatepe Tanitma Merkezi) hosts numerous relics from the campaign including weapons, uniforms, ammunition, letters written by soldiers to their families, photographs, and private belongings such as shaving tools, cocoa tins, and leather flasks among them. There are also more shocking artifacts such as three bullets which hit each other in midair, the skull of a Turkish soldier with a bullet hole in the forehead, and the shoe of a soldier still a bone from the owner's foot still in it.

Update: The Kabatepe Museum closed to visitors in September 2010 and will be demolished. A Gallipoli-themed simulation centre will take its place, opening possibly in 2011 or 2012. Meanwhile, the exhibits have all been transported to the headquarters of the Gallipoli Peninsula Park authority at Camburnu, about 1 km south of Eceabat, and are on display there.